The Beginning

On a dark icy February night the sea moves slow and sluggish

There is no wind and the air sharp

catching-back-of-the-throat sort of coldness makes shivering a necessity

There are no night-walkers or stragglers on the narrow streets and

the houses stare out towards the dark rolling water

only a few lights shine from the sea-front façade and

the lighthouse and harbour wall frame the scene

backlit by the winter moon

There are people on the beach

What are they doing

this laughing shouting hand-holding pair

lip-kissing nearly lovers

lost in this new love and the taste of each other

After a boast at the party

he is up to his waist in the February sea

and only Ireland stands between them and the Atlantic

The landscape holds them – this is a moment

This is one of those life-changing moments

she holds her face between her hands shakes her head

and falls in love

Now a choice has to be made and

there will be pain but

in that precious joyous passionate moment she decides and

pulls him from the sea

and holds him

Barbara 2009