This poem is for my beloved granddaughter Anna. I wrote it a few years ago when she was about 12 or 13. She is now 16 and is a wise and clever young woman. When she was little we used to play for hours – acting out fairy stories. Anna was always the main character and I was everyone else! She memorised the whole of The Sneetches before she could read and would recite it back – using all my intonations! (we must have read it about a million times!) We would play Bunny Foo Foo and I had to protect her and shoo Bunny Foo Foo away. I have so many memories with Anna and so many of them are around story-telling and make-believe – hence this mythical poem.

For My Anna

Old Mama-Anna sits by the fire
knitting all night and all day,
but Old Mama-Anna never seems to tire
click click her needles say.
And the endless wool is wound around
and she hums an endless tune
and that tune has a warm mysterious sound
the music of sun and of moon.
Old Mama-Anna is knitting through time
she knits every story
she knits every rhyme
she knits every life
and she knits every death
and she whispers the patterns under her breath.
There’s Once Upon a Time
In a Land Far Away
and Happily Ever After
there is joy, love and fears,
pain and wipe-away tears
and singing
and dancing
and laughter.
Old Mama-Anna sometimes looks young
and sometimes she looks very old.
Her heart is full of the songs she has sung
in her mind all the stories she’s told.
Old Mama-Anna belongs to the earth
to the stars and the darkness beyond
and she was there at the moment of birth
and she will take us back when she’s done.

With love from Nana