William and The Scary Monster

I’m a Scary Monster
With yukky teeth and hair
I’m a Scary Monster
hiding behind the chair
Sometimes I hide behind the door
And I jump out and give a ROAR
Then I jump on the table
and bounce on the floor
I’m a VERY scary monster

I’m a Scary Monster
I bet you’re scared of me
I’m a Scary Monster
And I WANT a cup of tea
And then I WANT some jam on toast
It’s monster jam I love the most
And monster chocolate
And monster cake
I’m a HUNGRY scary monster

I’m a Scary Monster
I make a Scary Monster sound
I’m a Scary Monster
And my head can spin right round
I love scary clothes
and scary hats
and scary boots
and scary bats
and scary hoots
and scary teeth and scary eyes
and great big scary spider pies
I’m a REALLY SCARY monster

For William
from Nana 2012