I wrote this little poem to try and help my little grandchildren understand that bees are more interested in collecting pollen and making honey than they are in setting out to sting them! It’s just a wee fun poem but the children like it!

Honey the Bee flew out one day
to see what she could see.
Honey the Bee flew out one day
to find something nice for tea.
First she found a marigold,
then she found a rose
and she flew into a garden
where her favourite flower grows.
She dipped in and out the daisies, gathering pollen in her sack.
Buzzing round the gardens
before she headed back.

Honey the Bee she flew back home
and danced for the other bees,
so they would know just where to go
to follow the scented breeze.
They also found the marigolds
then they found the rose
and they saw the lovely daisies
near the woods where the violet grows.
With their pollen sacks all bursting
they flew back to the hive
and they danced and hummed
and buzzed and sang
Oh it’s good to be alive!