I wrote this many many years ago for my children. I had to say it almost every night as well as singing the same song ‘go to sleep my babies …. etc’. Now I say it to my grandchildren – I can hardly believe so much time has
passed. I’d like to share this with anyone who has little children they love in their lives – has to be said with enthusiasm and some actions (opening the door, buttering bread, walking and climbing stairs!). I hope your little children enjoy it

Someone knocked at my door
I wondered who?
I opened the door and it was you.
‘Come in’ I said ‘and have some tea
and I’ll butter some bread for you and me’.
‘Would you like some honey to put on your bread?
Or some jam that’s raspberry red?
After tea shall we go for a walk?
Or would you like to sit by the fire and talk?’
‘Let’s go for a walk’ you said to me
‘and we’ll walk on the sand beside the sea’.
After our walk it was time for bed.
We climbed the stairs
‘night night’ we said.