Fat Red Juicy Ones

See the fat red juicy ones

hanging around at the front

of the green leaf-lined stage

Look at me look at me pick me first

But when I look again and closer

there are shy ones hiding

behind leaves and stems

and they blush nearly-red

Some are not ripe yet and I sigh

Perhaps in a few days they will be red and fat and waving

Pick me pick me

I am ready now

These fat raspberries hold memories

Nana’s garden Aunt Betty’s pride and joy

In June the raspberries hang heavy

ready for picking

and the house smells warm

sticky fruit-scented kitchen hot jars waiting

waxed discs and cellophane circles

held in place by rubber bands – my earnest task

Bowls of raspberries for Louise and me – with sugar

and evaporated milk

But the raspberries here now are my raspberries

to make jam with in my sticky fruit-scented kitchen

I close my eyes and breathe

and I am young when I smell and taste these precious

red memory-laden fruits of my childhood

Barbara 2013