I’ve put my shoulder to the wheel
I’ve put my back into it
shoved my best foot forward
I’ve thrown my chest out
and snapped my shoulders back
– hoping one of them wouldn’t clash with the wheel –
kept on my toes
and put my ear to the ground
– difficult with chest out shoulders back etcetera but I persevered –
my nose was always to the grindstone
I’ve kept an eye out
and stayed alert
my fingers are in many pies
and I’m always ready to lend a hand
my lip is zipped because Mum’s the word
I’ve joined in ganged up
stood my ground dug my heels in
put money in the tin and a cheque in the post
my eye was always on the ball
and I grasped it with both hands
I’ve embraced challenged
never conceded defeat
never turned my back
always elbowed my way in
been on my knees
ground my teeth
put a smile on my face
cheered up because I always believed it would never happen
always had time for a cup of tea
my heart has always been in it
and has sometimes forgiven
but I have also blamed and lashed out
and at the end of the day
what does life have in store
well The Patriarchy is still there
and white people still don’t get it
so what do I do
I pick myself up dust myself down and
start all over again
because I’m a woman and a survivor
I’ll sing you a song
it’s the song of a woman who’s trying to be strong