I wish you two would stop fighting
Ma head’s been thumpin’ all day.
If you’d just give me peace for a minute or two
go and watch tele or find something to do
but just get out of ma way.

He’s no come in from the pub yet
an’ ma clubman’s due the night
I could take it oot the electric tin
I could go and see what pub he’s in
but that would just start a fight.

I canny see how we’re tae manage
he got paid off the end o’ last week
since then he’s been comin’ in drunk every night
he’s spent a’ the money it just isnae right
but it’s more than ma life’s worth tae speak.

He’s one that can’t cope wi’ his problems
well he’s no had much o’ a life
his maw died at thirty his dad used tae drink
he canny feel love, well that’s what I think
but it’s a hard job bein’ his wife.

An’ I listen tae some of these women
shouting out about what we should do
An’ I know in my heart that they’re right and I’m wrong
for I canny believe this is where I belong
for I’ve got my life tae live too.

But this is my bed and I’ll lie here
I took him for better or worse
anyway wi’ four weans I’ve nowhere to go
I’m no from round here, so there’s no-one I know
an’ I just couldn’t bear a’ the fuss.

So I wish you two would stop fightin’
It just seems to go on and on
and he’ll come through that door full o’ sorries an’ beer
and sad explanations I don’t want to hear
an’ that’s another day gone.

But maybe one day I will leave him
And I’ll pack up the weans and we’ll run
An’ I’ll never look back and I’ll never regret
There’ll be no more fear nor pain nor debt
An’ I’ll lift up my face to the sun.