I wanted to shout and scream be heard and be seen till people noticed me
I had this need every day until I was thirty four and then …..

…one Autumn Saturday morning in nineteen hundred and eighty while
moping about in the garden I sneezed and all the leaves fell off all the trees

I sighed and the leaves blew away cluttering up gutters and drains
I went to the park sneezed again and the leaves exploded off all the trees

Someone said bless you I smiled and thought just you wait and see
For the rest of that day I sneezed near every tree I could find – instant Autumn

Next morning three things happened I woke up I was sick I cried
my tears rained out of my eyes and I had to run outside to save the furniture

I rained all over the garden next door’s garden and every garden
till streams and rivers formed and ran away from me into lakes and seas

Now every day a new skill a perfect accomplishment
my breath makes people pull their coats tighter and lean into the wind

and if I blow really hard tornados jive
and twist across countries to the sounds of my rock’n’roll

I am become powerful and universal
I am crisp and cold and bitter
I can be warm and wet and languid

I turn a good day out into a running-for-cover day for my amusement
I pile snow up on mountains knock it off again and smile as it crashes down

I swell rivers till their banks burst and lands are flooded
I dry deserts then blow them into rippled dunes and drifts and build my sandcastles

I scoop up skyscraper waves white-topped curving beautifully inwards
rushing towards land for reckless surfers or destruction

I am gentle caressing and passionate as I sing seductively with sweet breezes or
whip and crack bright-light electrify the sky till the earth quakes and shudders

I am the elements and I am in everything
I am the awakened Warrior ………… I am the ruler of men
Now I am noticed
Now I can be whatever I want to be