I’ve had quite a bit of therapy in my time and have always been interested in the way I think and how I work things out. The idea for this poem came from those thoughts. I imagined my mind as a landscape that I had to cross. I didn’t know what the terrain was like or what obstacles I might have to overcome – or not! But it was my mind and important to me that I got to know the landscape. It’s been interesting (!) watching my mind work and when it doesn’t seem to work well – this is the map and this is how I do it.

Mind Map

I’m going to do a mind map

see how my mind works

think of a word and add on one

where does it lead me

follow the rhythm

now write a story

of the things I’ve done

does it have a meaning

where is it going

add another word no make that three

now use a blue pen

or should it be italics

write something truthful

that sums up me

words are so important

to give information

or to tell my story of life on earth

if I do a mind map

sometimes it helps me

to plot the many roads

I’ve walked since birth

twisting and turning

backwards and forwards

round and round and round I go

sometimes it’s easy

sometimes it’s difficult

sometimes above the line

sometimes below

filling in my mind map

will do till it’s over

add another thousand words and draw some lines

this is the shape of me

this is the map of me

this is me:

My Life and Times

October 2007