This is a poem I wrote a while ago when I really realised how young I had been when I had been abused and I wanted to let myself know that I understood and that I would make me well if I could

I Can Cry Now

I can cry for you now little girl.
I can weep tears and my tears will pour
out of me as I cry for you.
I will find all the pieces,
those fragments that flew up and out
in a thousand directions
still attached.
Long fragile threads, knotted and twisted.
Hidden fragments, broken pieces.
I will find them all and I will tie them
together gently.
And I will say, look at this,
look at the woman you will become.

So I will cry for you now.
I will cry for the lost hours in the night,
and in the day
and in all those years.
Lost hours, lost life.
I will cry for the pain
and I will cry for the fear.
I will cry when I remember.
But I will say this
look at the woman you have become.

October 1989